(As of December 26, 2012)



The following FICA tax table reflects current federal law. 


As of 12/26/12 the law states that the Employee Social Security reduced rate of 4.2% will EXPIRE on December 31, 2012.  This document reflects the Employee Social Security rate return to 6.2 %.  


SkilMatch will notify you if there is a change in legislation on this matter.


NOTE:  The SkilMatch program has a two-screen layout that allows for separate Employee and Employer rates and limits. 





Key “UPDATE” to change the data on the FICA tables.



NOTE:  Tax table changes are effective for the company number entered.  You will need to REPEAT the setup for ALL company numbers for which you are calculating payroll taxes.   Tax tables will be effective for both Temp and Staff for this company number.




First Screen – EMPLOYEE Percentages and Limits

(*New 2 page FICA Table Setup)



NOTE:  The Maximum Gross $ Allowing Advanced EIC is $ 00.00 (zero) for 2013.



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Second Screen – EMPLOYER Percentages and Limits






LEGAL DISCLAIMER and Customer Responsibilities:


When SkilMatch staff or a SkilMatch program provides information, data, calculation, tax tables, magnetic media or paper reporting to SkilMatch customers, a “best efforts” attempt has been made by SkilMatch to verify that the information is correct as SkilMatch understands it or as it has been explained to SkilMatch.  SkilMatch-provided tax tables and reporting are provided to assist customers in setting up your tax table records and to assist customers in reporting to government authorities.  Tax laws and requirements change frequently and it is a customer’s responsibility to verify the accuracy of all SkilMatch-provided information and reporting with your tax advisor, accountant and/or attorney. 


SkilMatch attempts to monitor for tax table and reporting changes.  However, when a customer receives ANY notification of change from a taxing authority, SkilMatch should be notified.  SkilMatch depends on customers who are closest to the taxing authorities to provide information that will affect their businesses.  Any and all written, verbal or electronic information provided by SkilMatch regarding tax tables and government reporting (1) is meant to provide general information about the payroll process, (2) is not intended to provide tax or legal advice, (3) is not intended to address, and is not meant to address, the entire body of federal, state and local law and regulation governing the payroll process, payroll taxes, government reporting or employment law.  Such laws and regulations change frequently and their effects can vary widely based upon specific facts, circumstances and timing.  Each customer is responsible for consulting with a professional tax advisor, accountant and/or attorney concerning its specific concerns and compliance.